The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 128

Nambu Type 14 Eight-round, 8mm caliber, Japanese semi-automatic pistol with knurled steel cocking knob. Engraving non- standard. FitzGerald Special Based on the six-round, .38 Special, Colt New Service revolver the “Fitz” has a bobbed hammers 2" barrel, shortened and rounded grip frame, and the front of the trigger guard has been removed. All designed to allow the gun to be fired from inside a coat or jacket pocket. Webley Revolver Mk VI The Webley is a six-round, .455 caliber, top-break revolver. Breaking the revolver operates the extractor, which removes cartridges from the cylinder. A standard issue service in Britain, it is among the most powerful top-break revolvers ever produced. Despite the large size of the .455 Webley cartridge, its low velocity results in relatively mild recoil. Page 128