The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 124

Standard Weapons A character’s capabilities are not only dependent on their personal attributes, skills, and psychic talents but the weapons they carry and utilize. Although employing an encounter resolution system for standard weapons that utilizes Weapon Damage Profiles (see Appendix 3) with more generic terminology such as “medium damage”, “long range”, etc. more detailed descriptions of a character’s firearms and equipment are used in order that they can connect more strongly and hence develop a more immersive roleplaying experience. This includes for example, in the case of firearms, custom grips, intricate engraving, unique technical variants, the use of exotic materials, and specialized ammunition. The following examples illustrate more “interesting” options as well as how customization can Y\H[[\]Y[\˂[\[[   BZY \[ [[H[X\؝\[[\X]YY]وB\X[\^H[H\HYX\B܈H[TKHXX[Y][ۂ\[ۈ]X[[\[]ܞH[ܘ]Y[ܚ\\XY [\ZY \[  ˍ[[H[X\[\\YH[[܈H\X[YYK\HX[\[X\\]\HX\ۈ܂[X[HTH\]]\X[HوB\]H[\ݙ\[ۘ[H]Y][ܚXYȈ]ܞHܚ\[[ܘ]Y\[HY][ۘ[Y\[YY[\]\X[ZXY[Xܛ[ܘ][]\][Y]Xܙ\˂YH L