The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 121

Wardrobe Characters choose their wardrobe to make a statement on their own unique personal style within the tenets of the time, i.e. the requirement for warmth and conformity in the dour outdoors married to the need for vivacious self-expression in private. Fashion of the time takes inspiration both from the military, maybe as a great coat emblazoned by the badges of fallen comrades or perhaps the trophy jacket from a slain enemy, to the new technology evolving from Meta Engineering. This is also true of personal firearms, in the form of custom grips, intricate engraving, unique technical variants, the use of exotic materials, and specialized ammunition. In a world driven by personal interaction, where subterfuge often plays a major role, what you wear and what it says about you can make a difference. Especially when it comes to, for example, seduction and diplomacy. Page 121