The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 120

Equipment Once you have outlined your character the next step is equipping them. But more than just an itemized shopping list, of which weapons are an important part, the goal should be to use your equipment to help define your overall “style”. The faceless civil servant who blends into the background, no one noticing the twinkle in his eye, or the slight bulge under the shoulder of a worsted wool jacket. Maybe the fact that the buttons have been replaced by those indicative of naval military service could mean something more for someone the less observant see as just another paper-pusher. A door opener in some circles. Is the royal blue coat lining and matching pocket square potential evidence of a more flamboyant side? Is that a monogram? What does it mean? The classic look of a dark iridescent purple brocade Princess coat sporting a mink fur collar, over a jet black bustier. Pencil skirt, seamed stockings, black patent pumps, and a small black satin half hat with veil and feather, together finish the ensemble of a woman used to commanding the room. Taking a single draw from the cigarette in her ebonite holder she exhales and takes aim at her next easy conquest. Who needs weapons! Tweed single breasted dark brown suit and crisp white shirt. The cream wool felt fedora with ivory petersham ribbon seems a slightly odd choice. But as you turn around the vivid red tie, matching handkerchief, and cut ruby glass suit buttons seem to complete the look perfectly. As you remove the hat and let your auburn curls cascade to your shoulders the maître d’ asks, “table for one, madam?”. “No”, you answer, “I’m meeting someone”. Slipping on the tight-fitting red leather gloves you follow, ready to kick some ass if things go sideways. Page 120