The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 118

Personality Quirks Such quirks can be a peculiarity of action, behavior, or mannerism. For example, an irrational fear, an overwhelming weakness for someone or something, a strong hatred of a group, person, or thing, etc. This is intended to add flavor to roleplaying your character and is entirely optional. In some cases, however, your personality quirk may provide advantage or disadvantage during gameplay at the discretion of your Game Master. For example: Addict: the need is constantly compelling. Aggressive: quick to use force in any situation. Cruel: the pain and suffering of others is simply not your concern. Drama Queen: always the center of attention. Hateful: taking dislike of whatever you choose to unreasonable levels. Impulsive: a tendency to run in headlong with unbridled enthusiasm. Inquisitive: compelled to press that unmarked red button. Kind: sympathetic to the wants and needs of others. Mysterious: you keep your motives, emotions, and business to yourself. Optimist: always see the positive. Pessimist: always see the negative. Phobic: take your pick: spiders (Arachnophobia), blood (Hemophobia), or even fear of the dark (Nyctophobia) which could be especially troublesome with respect to the Otherside. Skeptic: you take a lot to convince. Sociopath: you have a lack of empathy and use calculated, unrestrained, behavior to get what you want with no care of hurting others. Friendship is only a term useful in achieving your goals. Strange: you unsettle those around you. Tattooed: you consider your body as a work of art in progress. Vindictive: woe the person that crosses you. Page 118