The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 117

Background Build a background for your character that can include previous occupation(s), and hobbies (indicative of your starting skill set), your nationality, group membership, military service, and any significant family. Motivation Decide on your characters primary motivation(s). They can be shaped by your background and can ultimately influence your Morality. (Examples of character identities are provided in Appendix 1) Morality Morality is relative and based on perspective. It is this ambiguity of what is “good” and what is “evil”, especially relative to circumstance and outlook, which can make character development and interaction particularly interesting. A morality choice of either Moral , Immoral , or Amoral reflects a character’s inherent values and objectives that guide them about ethical behavior and decision-making; how likely they are to be confined to doing what is considered right and good by most people given a given set of circumstances. This allows for a nominal degree of freedom. For example, when a moral character is put in a situation so dire that desperate measures result in them taking steps they would not normally take. Or when presented with such an enticing reward that they stifle conscience. Or when doing something “bad” ultimately achieves a “good” end. Morality has implications for several psychic talent mechanics such as Aura Sight that reveals a glowing halo colored to reflect the morality of the target or Energy Barrier which results in a physical manifestation of psychic energy again colored by the morality of the practitioner. As characters face moral dilemmas they will see the bad in the good, the good in the bad, and ultimately realize the Yin-Yang in us all. Dynamic Nature of Motivation and Morality It should be noted that as the story progresses so the motivation(s) and the moral compass of the characters may change. Consequently, players are NOT locked in to roleplaying, for example, an Immoral character motivated only by greed. Meeting and falling for their “soul mate” may indeed change everything. Page 117