The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 116

Practice for 1-hour gains 1 Skill Point . It would, for example, take completely unskilled characters 25 days to reach Novice proficiency through practice alone. Training for 1-hour gains 2 Skill Points ; someone with no proficiency or a Novice require, at a minimum, a Professional trainer while an Amateur or Professional require an Expert trainer. With training rather than practice the same character could now reach Amateur proficiency in another 25 days. Availability and cost of training will vary by Skill and by trainer proficiency. Normally one would expect an Expert trainer to be harder to find and they would charge more. For some skills, as detailed in Appendix 2, simple practice is insufficient to advance rather formal training is a requirement. For every 30 days that a skill is NOT used, i.e. no action, practice, or training, is undertaken, then 10 Skill Points are lost as the character “becomes rusty”. Page 116