The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 115

Unlike your base attribute scores which remain unchanged under normal circumstances skills can be developed over time through action, practice, and training, allowing advancement in level of proficiency: Novice Amateur Professional – Expert – Limited expertise Practical competence Superior ability Recognized authority and specialist Skill level directly impacts success of any action to which that skill is pertinent. Often having no skill translates to zero impact on the chance of success, however, in some situations having one skill within a category can provide increased chance of success when taking an Action requiring another skill in the same category. For example, when trying to pickpocket someone, being skilled with Sleight of Hand may increase the chance of success even if you do not have the Pickpocket skill itself. Another example may be being able to re-assemble a submachine gun where experience with handgun maintenance, and hence weapon parts, would improve the chance of success. For those with relevant skill the chance of success increases with proficiency. A novice can improve the chance of success by 10%, an amateur by 15%, while at professional level the probability of success is increased by 25%, and for an expert 40%. Characters advance their skills using the APTitude (Action, Practice, and Training) System in the pursuit of Skill Points and associated increase in expertise. Skill Points Profi