The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 114

Category German French Russian Japanese Chinese Swimming Acrobatics Climbing Nordic Skiing Languages English Horseback Riding Athletic Sprinting Communications Radio Operation Fabrication Seamstress / Tailor Leatherwork Metalsmith Recreational Gambling Acting Singing * Training Animal Training for these skills are primarily provided to military personnel or through military contacts. Each character has both Primary and Secondary skills: Primary Skills For every character their background, hobbies, and interests shape the primary skill set that they possess. Once determined as part of building a character background an associated primary skill set can be chosen, with each character starting with one Professional skill and one Amateur skill related to this background. A character’s primary skill set, i.e. the number of skills in which they can become truly Expert, is limited to 5. Secondary Skills Through everyday experience a character gains a rudimentary ability, i.e. becomes a Novice, in several skills. Over time, often dictated by circumstance, a character may gain additional such skills. However, characters may not develop their secondary skills beyond being a Professional. If they do, then the skill effectively becomes a primary one. In the case where the character has already reached the cap of 5 primary skills then to become an Expert in this new skill comes at the expense of one of their other skills; one skill must be downgraded to a professional secondary skill. Each character starts by picking three Novice skills. A character’s secondary skill set, i.e. the number of skills in which they can become Novice, is unlimited. However, new skills do not just suddenly become available. A character must make determined effort, or be the victim of circumstance, to add a skill to their secondary skill set. Page 114