The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 113

Skills It is impossible to provide detail on every potential skill that a character may possess. Instead those listed below have been initially identified as important to encounter resolution, both in and out of combat situations, as well as those essential for characters engaged in any form of espionage. Full descriptions in Appendix 2 . Category Firearms Handgun Rifle Submachine Gun Heavy Weapons Antitank Weaponry Mortar Machine Gun Ranged Weapons Bow Crossbow Shuriken Grenade Knife Sword Brass Knuckles Truncheon Unconventional Weapons Ice Axe Straight Razor Cleaver Whip Fighting Style Martial Arts Dual-Wield Blind- fighting Close Quarters Combat Military * Parachuting Cold Water Diving Tank Operations Demolition Camouflage Medical Knowledge First-Aid General Medicine Surgery Survival Escapology Cold Weather Navigation Mechanic Gunsmith Robotics Interrogation Cryptography Disguise Forgery Lock Picking Seduction Surveillance Deception Pickpocket Sleight of Hand Safe-Cracking Research Diplomacy Black Market Trading Investigation Stealth Lip Reading Car/Truck Motorbike Plane Pilot Helicopter Pilot Otherside(r) Knowledge Psychic Phenomena Chemistry Art History Psychology Forensic Science Handheld Weapons Engineering Tradecraft Vehicular Operation Academic Shotgun Geography Page 113