The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 110

Charisma (Situational) Beyond a measure of physical attractiveness your charisma determines your force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership and personal magnetism. This is key to influencing and inspiring loyalty in others and success in social situations. Skills that gain a bonus: Deception, Diplomacy, Interrogation, Seduction Perception (Situational) Your ability to anticipate and predict rather than react in any given situation is improved by high perception. During encounters your perception affects how you read people, sense danger, and take appropriate action. Skills that gain a bonus: Blind Fighting, Surveillance Perception 8 9 10 Physical Initiative Bonus +1 +2 +3 Force Majeure (Situational) When an unexpected and disruptive event causes acute physical stress, your Force Majeure measures the level to which the body's sympathetic nervous system prepares you to act. Increased cortisol and adrenaline provides the biological equivalent of opening the throttle of an engine. The result –temporary increased strength and speed, acute focus, deferred fatigue, or resistance to pain. The greater your Force Majeure the greater your ability to improve the outcome in a stressful situation, and potentially achieve something superhuman. Under these circumstances you can choose to use an Insight point to add to or subtract your next dice roll: Force Majeure 6 7 8 9 10 Roll Bonus +1/-1 or +20%/-20% +2/-2 or +40%/-40% +3/-3 or +60%/-60% +4/-4 or +80%/-80%  +5/-5 or +100%/-100%  But “stress” comes in many forms. Perhaps the frustration in discovering how to overcome an immutable challenge, answer an enigmatic dilemma, or change a protagonist’s mind or actions. In such cases you may choose to use an Insight point and apply your Force Majeure to gain a better understanding, discover a pertinent clue, alter the course of events, or in some way gain a situational advantage (adjudicated by the GM). For example: “You have found a previously missed piece of evidence at the crime scene.” “The policeman, for his own personal reasons, decides to let you off with a warning rather than placing you under arrest.” Page 110