The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 11

The “Otherside” Analysis (Source: ORE, Date: 1 st December 1949) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the Rip causes death in our world the released life energy is flung back across to the other side. Later named Die Aschfelder (Ash Fields), by the first Germans to cross through the Ash Curtain (and return) this life energy causes the dormant “deathless denizens”, now colloquially known as Othersiders, to once more re- animate. Compelled to find “life” they cross the Ash Curtain in droves and by the end on 1945 hundreds, if not thousands, infest the Wastes. Gravity, temperature, atmosphere, and light in the Ash Fields are radically different from those in our world and these effects leech over into the area surrounding the Ash Curtain. Higher gravity, colder temperatures, contaminated dry atmosphere, and low light prevail for miles. On the Otherside our environment similarly tempers these effects in t H[^Y\XH\[H\\Z[]\\[H[ݙHY\\[H\Y[H[[\X\™[ Yܘ]]HYXXZHH\][ۈو[[YYYZX\^[Y[BYX[ ܈[H\Hو^\[Z\ܘY\][H[\XK[Z[\K܈\ۛ[HY][ۘ[ܘ]]HXZ\[ݙ[Y[[X]\[\]\œ\X[ؚXܛ܈\YYXYH[Y[K[H[\XوZYۈ܂^[\H[]܈\ڙX[HZXܞH]\[H[Z][K[[[\Z[\\ܚXY\H\\وۙH[و\[\\Y]^܋\\]ܛ[[\Y\[[[Z[[\\\[\\›[ݙ[Y[ [ZH\[\ܛ\HHܘ]]H[[\]\X[Z][܈][ܙHZ[H\]ZY[ݙ\[\\Y]\[[[[Y˂\HYHHZ[[]ۛHX] L Hو\[[Z[]KX]\H[[[[\]H\ۙ\[]Yو\][Z][[ق]YX][ۈ\[\YY ][[ۙH[H\XHX[K[X][H\[][]Y YY [ 0\[HHXو[\HHH[\[ZY]H\]\\\[ YY[[ޛۙH][H]\\[[H[[ۜ[8']Xœܛ\'KYH L