The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 107

Insight A key element to this game is roleplaying as players take their characters on the journey that is the story. This means backstory, motivation(s), and moral compass, not just what the character “can do”, should impact how a character acts. The better the player roleplays how their character acts reveals just how well they know that character and hence gain a greater Insight into that character. Good and even great roleplaying is rewarded by the GM granting Insight points. Each Insight point represents a level of “increased self-awareness” by the character. Insight points are primarily used in critical Encounters where failure can have dire consequences. When this happens, a player may use an Insight point to tap their Force Majeure (see the next section on Attributes) and drastically improve the chances of a positive outcome or even remove a “roadblock” in their way. Alternatively, Insight points may also accelerate Talent and Skill development by reducing the point requirement to reach the next Rank or Level by 10%. On the surface more mundane but needing that Talent or Skill capability before sallying forth on the adventure could be key to success. As the story progresses so the growing background, underlying motivation(s) and the moral compass of the characters may change. Consequently, roleplaying is dynamic rather than static in nature. After the death of their soul mate who knows what this means for a character’s behavior. Page 107