The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 106

Puppeteer allows you to take mental control of your victim’s body for a very short time and, unlike similar talents, make them do whatever you like. However, the Necrotic Energy drain to do so is so high as to make it impossible until you can take a second graft. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Intense, Interruptible 30 per round (Rank 4 minimum) Able to affect only a single target. The target(s) will, for as long as you can concentrate, follow all your mental commands. They will stop doing so as soon as the effect ends but will feel disorientated, and unable to take any Action, for an additional single round. All forms of mind protection such as Mind Shield, Bastion of Thought, etc. offer complete protection from this Talent. Seize causes overload of the electrical activity in the brain of your touched target, causing them to convulse and lose consciousness. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 10 per use. Requires an Action check to touch the target, with Success chance +50%. Your target immediately collapses to the ground suffering (1 x Rank) rounds of uncontrollable, spasmodic, involuntary muscle contractions before falling unconscious for the same number of rounds. Anything held by the target is automatically dropped. Interrupts all non-subconscious Talent use. Degeneration allows you to select a single target and temporarily drive the fluid from their joints, causing debilitating pain, and impeding motor function until they heal. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 10 per use. Causes intense pain and 10 points of damage at Rank 1, 20 at Rank 4, and 30 at Rank 7. Reduces targets Dexterity by 1 at Rank 1, 2 at Rank 4, and 3 at Rank 7. The loss persists until the sustained damage is healed. 10% chance per Rank to interrupt concentration. Has a chance to interrupt Talent use due to the pain experienced. Rime drops the temperature of the area around you to such a degree that those close at hand take damage as they watch patterns of frost form their extremities. Concentration: Necrotic Energy: Effect: Active 5 per round. Area of effect 5-foot radius per Rank; all objects and creatures within this radius are subject to the effect. Causes 10 cold damage per Rank to unprotected targets. Anyone dressed against extreme cold weather reduces the damage by 50%. Items may be adversely affected by the cold, e.g. liquids with a freezing point of 0°F or greater solidify. Page 106