The mu-ji-man codes reporter January 2013 volume 1 - Page 8

12/17/2013 The mu-ji-man codes reporter: (Thomas Laughlin) This post was published to The Mu-JiMan Codes This post at 11:03:48 1931 to 2013 The mu-ji-man codes will like to extend condolences to the family and friends of mr. Thomas(Tom) Laughlin,who passed away on December 12,2013. Tom was an actor,director,screenwriter,author,educator,political activist,dad and is best known for his series of Billy Jack films.from his wide array of professional activities,he no doubt touched the lives of many in the entertainment industry as well as the general population,he will be missed and remembered by his legions of fans around the world. Based on the information encoded into his birth date ,his mu-ji-man coded age was 86,he died at the age of 82 so he died 4 years before his coded age.we wish him a joyous and peaceful journey into eternity. In closing I will like to make an observation,both Tom and Peter were born in august a few days apart,but one year apart,they both died in December a few days apart but in the same year,as we look at their coded ages,Peter was coded for 88 years and Tom was coded for 86 years,they died a few years before their coded ages.i note this observation to show the specific nature of the mu-ji-man codes, each individual is unique and the numbers within the persons birth date and birth name is unique to them.To see the charts of these two fine actors contact the mu-ji-man codes,at the