The mu-ji-man codes reporter January 2013 volume 1 - Page 7

ue that policy ,I felt that I would ne negligent if I did not work on mr.Mandela’s mu-ji -man codes ,so at the time of his first hospitalization period I decided to look and see what his birthdate codes revealed.late Wednesday night dec.4,I saw on tv that they were again talking about mr. Mandela and his prospects,so I once again looked at his numbers and as earlier in the year I saw what his numbers revealed that it was not likely he will make it past this month. His mu-ji-man codes Coded age 98 Death age 95 -3 years before his coded age. We wish mr Mandela gods speed on his journey and may god bless,protect and guide him as he enters a new realm of existence,but most of all we thank god for granting us this time to be in the presence of a true champion for peace,justice and equality.