The mu-ji-man celebrity birth date codes December 2013. VOL. 1 - Page 5

Mu-ji-man codes analysis: D.o.b: 07-01-1961 D.o.d: 08-31-1997 Based on the information encoded into princess dianas birth date at her birth ,we found that her coded age to die was 34 ,her age at death was 36 so she actually lived two years longer that she was coded to. Her death path number is 2. Her combined mu-ji-man codes numbers are the following: 71781 232 23682 5344 Within this series of numbers are all the dates and numbers for all the major events that affected her during her life span encoded in these numbers are her age of death,coded age of death,date of death,actual date of birth, date of marriage,age at time of marriage ,number of children,age of her first delivery ,etc.