The Mtn. ReView Summer 2017 - Page 7

954 Villa Street History By Candace Bowers & Nick Perry MVHA President & Vice President Like the historic Weilheimer House next door, the building housing the Tied House Brewery at 954 Villa Street faces demolition. The MVHA has combed through our records to provide the following timeline of the building’s history in anticipation of upcoming discussions on its future. *MVRL denotes Mountain View Register-Leader newspaper 1931 July 31 (MVRL) Two-page spread on the opening of the Air Base Laundry; George Lacoste, owner; designed and built by Carl Lindholm & Sons, general contractors and builders. 1935 Dec. 27 (MVRL): Air Base Laundry changes name to Band Box Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company. Walter Doust, proprietor 1938 Dec. 8 (MVRL): Band Box bought by Dan Harris; name changed to Fremont Laundry (name was picked in a contest; winner won $10) " A rendering of the Air Base Laundry appeared on the front page of the 1931 Mountain View Register-Lead \NMH]H\XܞN\Y\H][ۈوHY][ۋY[[0X܂NNH[[[H[Y\X[H\XHX]H[[قHYY\NY[[ۜH]HۜHZ[[[[ [YY\H[X\HH\H]H[ۈ^K H\ܚX\\H\^H\]YH\^H NMH[  U\[ N[[۝][H[H]\[H[HZ[[\8'\ܚX[HYۚYX[܂]\X\X][ۈ]H [\H][Y[قZ[[]NL[K[[Z[Y]&\۝ۈ[܈]\]X\[\[[ۂ\[^[[^[\HوH[\XXX[H[Y\X[NMH]H\XܞN\Y\H][ۈوY^Y\Z[[˸'B[XX“QSPTTԓH HPU•HUH[Y\]Y[X\HHXZ[HY[X\[H\HXZ[HXX[[\Y[[\Z\[ۂ\\H[\H]Y]\ܞH]H[][]Kۜ\HX[\\][X]\X[]H\ܞB[\[Y[[ܘXHXX][Y]HYX\X\H\ܝHUK[[\^HBHX]ܙ\ۛBBB]Y[X\\BBY[X\\[][[HY[X\\ MKYX\[YNBBBBBBBBBBY]Y\΂BBBBBBBBB]NBBBBBBBBBB]NBBBBB\NBBBB[\ۙNBBBBBBBBB[Z[HY[X\\ KYX\K[XZ[BBBBBBBBBBYHY[X\\ X\HXZHX^XXH΂]Y]\ܚX[\X][ۂx&[H[\\Y[[Y\ܝ[]Y\“XZ[\ܛH΂[[Z[Y]\ܚX[\X][ۂ\H\XB ˈ L]Y]HM HPU•ܙ\[\X]܈\]Yˈ K[]HܛH[[XZ[][HXHY^K]Y\ LH\ ˈY\XݙJKXXX]][HۙH\\X[\\]HYHو ZH8'\\Y\'JK\\YHH\X]\K[H[[\\HX]ۛ[H]]\ܞK][]KKˆ“UHY[X\HX] L BHY[X\[^H[]H Hۈ[\HX]B[HX] JBY\ ӛۋSY[X\HX] MJBˆ