The Mtn. ReView Summer 2017 - Page 4

The Weilheimer House By Nick Perry MVHA Vice President The City Council will soon be asked to decide the fate of one of our city’s most notable historic structures, the Weilheimer House, located at 938 Villa Street. Today, the house is known throughout the region as Chez TJ, one of the Bay Area’s most notable fine-dining establishments. But its history stretches far past the arrival of any Michelin stars in Mountain View. To understand the significance of the Weilheimer House, we need to go back all the way to the original founding of Mountain View in the 1850s and share the history of the Weilheimer family, one of Mountain View’s leading pioneer families and one of the few Jewish families to settle in the region during its earliest era of development. The Weilheimer House as featured on the front page of the Mtn. View Register on March 5, 1905. In the 1850s, the primary mode of travel on the Peninsula was stagecoach and the most popular route traversed El Camino Real, then known as the San Francisco-San Jose Road. A natural stopping point was where the road forded Stevens Creek and a stagecoach stop was established. Throughout the 1850s and 1860s, a diverse group of enterprising pioneers opened businesses near the stagecoach stop and named their town “Mountain View.” Among those original pioneers were brothers Seligman and Samuel Weilheimer. Seligman arrived in the area in 1852 from Dossenheim, Germany. His brother followed three years later and together they opened a general merchandise store in Mountain View. In 1856, Seligman married Sophie Baer. After their wedding in San Francisco they took the stagecoach to their new home in Mountain View, where Sophie helped the brothers run their general store. When the newly constructed railroad (today’s Caltrain) bypassed Mountain View in 1864, a “New Mounta Yߊt)ɝȁѡɅи ɼMɕЁѡ)չéݹѽݸQ]́ݕɔѡ)Ёɍ́Ѽ͕Ё͡ ɼMɕѡ䁽)͕ɅѡȁɅѽɔ5չхYߊé+qtѽɔЀЁ ɼMɕЁ%Ё݅́ɥ)ݸ́ѡqɵˊéMѽɔtQѽ%хє)ɍե́ѥѡɔѽ쁱䁹܁ѡ)Ёɍե́хѡɸMф Ʉ) չ)Q]́ѡȁ͕ͥ́9܁5չх)Ýܸѕ5ѽ!ѽ䁽5չхYܰ)Q]ϊdɵˊéMѽɔФѡ)]ˊé!ѕɥФݕɔݼѡ)ե́ ɼMɕи)Q]ȁ!͔́Ё́ѽ+q٥ͥѽȁѕѡɅ5չхY܁ݽձ)ѕ͕]ˊé!ѕݥѠ́Ёٕ)͔ɅѡЁɽЁMɕЁm܁ٕ币ٕՕtt)%ȰMՕ́䁵ٕѼMɅ͍)MɕѥՕѼոѡ䁉͕ͥ)ͼѡѽݻé]́ɝи)MMéɕݕɔѡٕ䁙)ɅѥѼɸɕɕ5չхYܸQȁͽ))ձ́ɕ܁ѼѡѽݻéɱЁ٥̸)ɽ؁Ѽ䰁͕ٕ́ѡѽݻéѵѕȸU)́ѡˊéѠ䰁)ձ́ѽٕȁɅѥѡ)ɅѽɔɥѡЁͅ啅Ȱ)ձ́ɥ)%ȸQѽݻéѥȁ)ձ́́٥Ёѡ)ѥɕչѥѡȁݕ)ѡ5չхY܁Iѕ+q=ȁձȁչɍ))ձ́]ȁ5)%ȁɥ)MɅ͍ЁMչ丁)ձ)]Ȱaȁ)ձϊdݡ)ȁͼ啅́Ս)չѡչѱЁɥд)啐́ͥեmͥt)̰ձѕ)ѡɵ䁽ɔȁ́)̰䁱Ѽѡх)5́%ȁM)Ʌ͍t))ձ́])QȁݕЁѼєѡЁѡ]́ݽձs)Ѽѡȁ܁ݡ́ɹ͡ѕ( ѥՕA(Ѐ