The Mtn. ReView Summer 2017 - Page 2

News & Notes President’s Message By Candace Bowers MVHA President Happy summer! This newsletter is published four times a year by the MOUNTAIN VIEW HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 252, Mountain View, CA 94042 BOARD MEMBERS & CHAIRS President: Candace Bowers Vice-President: Nick Perry Secretary: Jamil Shaikh Treasurer: Emily Ramos Past President: Nick Galiotto Historical Data: Eugene Sharp Membership: Lisa Roquero Garcia Newsletter: Cynthia Hanson Ways & Means: Vacant Director-at-Large: John Cortez Director-at-Large: Anne Marie Montavon Hospitality: Vacant. Helen Hughes, Acting Programs: Vacant Publicity: Marina Marinovich Hop on Board! Help chart the future of your historical association! If you are interested in any vacant positions above, please contact us today. For more info contact: MVHA Board of Directors Email: Voicemail: (650) 903-6890 We’re now in the midst of one of our favorite times of the year: the time for local stone fruit and Linda’s burgers. By the time you read this, this year’s crop of the famous Blenheim apricots will be gone, but we can still enjoy local cherries and other fruit. I’m feeling grateful for the heritage orchards in our neighboring cities that still grow these treasures on a commercial scale. If you missed the fresh Blenheims, you can still find them as dried halves or the extra-tasty “slabs,” which are the especially ripe apricots that flatten out as they dry. Don’t be fooled by their thinner appearance—they are soft and sweet, and many local folks prefer them. We’ll soon be firing up the grills for our annual summer BBQ! Well, actually, we won’t be manning the grills ourselves this year. Don’t worry, we’ll still be serving the traditional Parisian Burger, but we’re giving our grill-master volunteers a break and are instead having the Gold Rush Eatery cater the event. The Gold Rush Eatery is a restaurant located in Sunnyvale’s Sunken Gardens Golf Course that specializes in recreating the Parisian Burger. A bit of history from their website explains the connection: “Kris and Kris are the father and son team, who wanted to open a restaurant that specializes in quality comfort food at an affordable price. Inspired by the famous Linda’s Drive Thru, a popular eatery in Mountain View, California in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the father and son team decided on a whole new venture, and Gold Rush Eatery was born. The signature menu item, The Gold Rush Burger is their version of Linda’s “Parisian Burger,” it boasts 1/2 lb. Black Angus Beef and a handcrafted San Francisco Sourdough bun. Gold Rush Eatery promises to use only the freshest ingredients, and fresh, never frozen beef in their burgers.” We’re sure you won’t be disappointed in their version of this legendary Mountain View dish! We’ll also take some time at the BBQ to discuss the proposed project at 938–954 Villa Street. There’s been a lot of interest in this project among our members, and residents are forming a group to share their concerns about the potential loss of these historic sites (see below). We’ll share what we know, and will give you a chance to share your thoughts, too. See you at the Adobe— Candace New Group, Livable Mtn. View By Nick Perry MVHA Vice President Jerry Steach, the recently elected chair of the Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association’s Historic Preservation Committee, has contacted the MVHA to share the news of the formation of a new group, “Livable Mountain View.” The group is currently focused on the future of 938-954 Villa Street and the potential for a win-win solution for both the property owners and the community, with a goal of preserving the site’s historic structures in Downtown Mountain View. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact Jerry at: 2