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The Missouri Reader

Vol. 42, Issue 2

Editorial Board 2018-2019

Reviewers for this issue:

Ann Powell-Brown, Ph.D.

University of Central Missouri

Carolyn I. Brown, Ph.D. Webster University

Julie Bryant, Ed.D. Southwest Baptist University

Dawna Buchanan, Ph.D.

University of Central Missouri

Lauren Edmondson, Ed.D.

Drury University

Jennifer Fox, Ed.D.

Southwest Baptist University

Annemarie Jay, Ph.D

Widener University

William Kerns, Ph.D.

Harris Stowe State University

Dianne Koehnecke, Ed. D. Webster University

Anita Lael, Ed.D

Lincoln University

Kayla Lewis, Ph. D.

Missouri State University

Katherine O'Daniels, Ph.D. University of MO-St. Louis

Lara Nugent, MA

University of Missouri

Cynthia Hail Wilson, Ph.D. Missouri State University

We thank these reviewers and the other Review Board members who did not review articles for the current issue. We invite you to become a member of the Review Board by contacting Glenda Nugent.

The Missouri Reader is a peer-reviewed online journal that is published twice a year by the Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association as a forum for thoughtful consideration of issues, practices, research, and ideas in the field of literacy. Its contents do not reflect or imply endorsement by the Missouri State Council or the International Literacy Association.

Promoting Literacy Throughout the

State of Missouri

Journal of the

Missouri Reading Association


Sam Bommarito, Ed.D.

Jennings Schools (retired)

Volume 42, Issue 2

Fall 2018


Glenda Nugent M.Ed.

ILA Coordinator for Missouri


Editors' Expressions

Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent

And Beyond!

Classroom Closeups


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Writing for the Missouri Reader Beth Hurst

Effective Differentiation: Keys to Growing Proficient, Motivated, Lifelong Readers

Sam Bommarito and William Kerns

Teaching NEW Dogs OLD Tricks

Ann Powell-Brown

Providing Instructional Equity Through a Balanced Literacy Approach

Mary Jo Fresch

Promoting Differentiated Instruction Through Assessment of Learning Gains

William Kerns

Considering Reading Workshop: Intermediate Readers and the Role of Shame

Justin Stygles




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