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Name of the E-book: Piggy Bank Primer from The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Reviewed by: Eva Johnston

Pig E. Bank shares a favorite saying, “Spend a part, save a part, and share a part!" as he tells the story of his two friends Greg and Ann in The Piggy Bank Primer: Budget and Saving.

This e-book uses a story, activities, and puzzles to introduce basic economic concepts. Students can easily check the definition of new words with a simple tap of the finger as they read the story about Greg and Ann. Activities that check and reinforce the new vocabulary words are available between pages of reading. It even has a glossary including the economic concepts of saving, savings plan, choice, wants, costs, benefits, goods, services, and opportunity cost that can be used as flashcards. The story chronicles the choices made by Greg and Ann and the impact of those choices on the timeframe of reaching a savings goal. Research shows that young children form financial behaviors as early as age 7. This e-book provides opportunities for children to practice the habit of saving and setting a savings goal. The book is available for free in the iTunes Store. Teachers or parents can download it and use it on any iOS platform. Right now it is only available on the iOS platform that is why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Get Piggy Bank Primer for free at


Platform: iOS

Category: Interactive Literacy Learning

Grade Level: 2-4

Cost: Free

Rating: 4 out of 5

Name of the app: StarsQuizlet

Reviewed by: Aubry Rehagen

I absolutely love using Quizlet! I use it in every subject I teach especially anything with vocabulary or spelling. Quizlet is a tool to help students learn vocabulary by matching the word

to its definition or vice versa, testing themselves, or using it as flashcards. Students can create their own meaning for words and find a picture to go with that word, or teachers can create the definitions and add students to their class to track their progress. Parents, students, and teachers can also print tests or flashcards straight from Quizlet. It tracks the progress of students as a whole to see what percentage students are answering each word and definition correctly to see what words need to be reviewed.

Quizlet has a huge library of study sets already available for free or paid users. You can find diagrams of just about anything and create your own as well. I used the solar eclipse diagram to learn about it before it came to mid-Missouri. I even created my own parts of the government diagram to help my students study for an upcoming test.

One of my favorite parts of Quizlet is on the paid version, Quizlet Live! It is a great interactive game for students to work as an individual to help the team compete with others in a race to answer the vocabulary questions correctly. My students are constantly asking me to play it and will study for days to make sure they are ready for it!

Platform: Any computer, tablet, or phone

Category: Interactive Literacy Learning

Grade Level Span: second grade and up (could be used in high school or college)

Cost: Free or Premium for $2.92 a month (Teacher) $1.67 a month (Student)

Rating: 5 stars

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