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The Missouri Reader

Vol. 41, Issue 1

Editorial Board 2017-18

The reviewers for this issue:

C. Garth Brooks

British Columbia LC/IRA

Ann Brown, PH.D.

University of Central Missouri

Carolyn I. Brown, Ph.D. University of MO-St. Louis

Julie Bryant, Ph.D. Southwest Baptist University

Tammy Condren, Ph.D.

Southwest Baptist University

Dianne Koehnecke, Ph. D. Webster University

Kayla Lewis, Ph. D.

Missouri State University

Denise Mounts, Ph.D.

University of Arkansas

Katherine O'Daniels Gateway Writing Project University of MO-St. Louis

Cindy Hail Wilson, Ph.D. Missouri State University

Paula Witkowski, Ph. D.

Webster University

We thank these reviewers and the other Review Board members who did not review articles for the current issue. We invite you to become a member of the Review Board by contacting Glenda Nugent.

The Missouri Reader is a peer-reviewed online journal that is published twice a year by the Missouri State Council of the International Reading Association as a forum for thoughtful consideration of issues, practices, research, and ideas in the field of literacy. Its contents do not reflect or imply endorsement by the Missouri State Council or the International Literacy Association.

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Sam Bommarito, Ed.D.

Jennings Schools (retired)

Volume 41, Issue 1

Fall 2017


Glenda Nugent M.Ed.

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Disciplinary Literacy: The Basics by Timothy Shanahan

What IS Disciplinary Literacy? Dr. Shanahan addresses this question and explains the differences between Content Literacy and Disciplinary Literacy in this article reprinted with his permission from his blog, Shanahan on Literacy.

Preparing Our Youngest Learners to Develop Disciplinary Literacy Skills

by Jennifer Altieri

What can we do at the early elementary grades to prepare our youngest students for the diverse textual demands they will encounter as they move through the grade levels? Use these practical ideas primary to prepare students for success with content specific material in their classrooms and the years beyond.

Before They Write: Topic, Presearch, and Research

by Mary Jo Fresch and David L. Harrison

These authors provide a plan to help students select a topic, carry out a presearch to determine whether enough information exists about a topic to stay engaged in the research, and model examples of how to research with the goal of helping students become independent researchers.

Preschool Parent Partnership: What About Disciplinary Literacy? by Julie Hentges

Create positive partnerships with parents to prepare our youngest learners for disciplinary literacy with these ideas for viewing our world through the environment and through books designed to bring the world to little ones.

Linking Science and Literacy in the Show-Me State: Introducing the 2017 Missouri Science Trade book Annual Reading (MO-STAR) List

by Jennifer Fox, Joyce Gulley, and Jeff Thomas

These authors have created the MO-STAR list as a resource of new, high-quality trade books that Missouri teachers can use to meet grade level expectations as they support science instruction through the integration of literature.

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