The Missouri Reader Vol. 41, Issue 1 - Page 19



There is no one strategy that fits every content area, age group, or situation but each strategy needs to be chosen based on the goals of the lesson."


When I saw the link to the article about why teachers should write about their practice, I knew that I should immediately tweet and remind teachers that one way to write about their practice is to submit articles to The Missouri Reader. You have! Our November issue is full and we're now accepting articles for the Spring issue on (but not exclusive to) Differentiation . PLEASE KEEP THOSE ARTICLES AND REVIEWS COMING! See the last page of this issue for categories to write about and how to submit.

The Missouri Reader has been published for over 40 years. It is a peer edited journal. MANY thanks to the Editorial Board! We invite teachers to write about their practice, university professors to write professional articles and most especially we invite professors and teachers to write about their joint action research work. Teachers and students are great resources for reviews of books and applications as well.

Glenda and I are looking forward to hearing from you and to find out what is going on in our state (and beyond!). Thanks for all your hard work to support literacy. LOOK ON THE LAST PAGE for SUBMISSION GUIDELINES!


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