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Write to Learn Conference Feb. 16-18, 2017

International Literacy Association Conference July 15-17, 2017

NCTE St. Louis Nov. 16-19

February, 2017

Let’s talk about an ever changing topic -CHANGE. There are some things that stay the same forever; like- my love of pizza, 24 hours in a day, technology is sure to breakdown when you are facing a deadline, or Monday morning follows Sunday night- just to name a few. Even our reading association has changed its name- it is now the International Literacy Association. As a state council, we too will be faced with some changes but more to come about that a little later.

Something that doesn’t change, is the benefit of belonging to a professional organization like the Missouri State Council. As an educator, the more support you surround yourself with the more effective you can be. And having a direct source for current literacy research, latest book reviews, legislative updates, reading and writing strategies that have proven effective in classrooms, and networking with other literacy professional gives you just that support. Your Missouri State Council strives to be an active source and voice for literacy so I encourage each of you to join your local reading council which includes membership in your state organization. Please check out our website at to discover what MSC has to offer. I think you will find it a robust source for your professional needs. I hope to see you at the Write to Learn Conference!

--President Tammy Rhomberg and the MSC Board

President's Message

President of MSC-IRA,

Tamara Jo Rhomberg

--President Tammy Rhomberg and the MSC Board