The Missouri Reader Vol. 40, Issue 3 - Page 63


“READ: Read, Eat, and Discover” Update

by Jody Rozbicki

Chair of MSC’s “Read & Feed” Committee

Each month, Glenda Nugent, MSC Coordinator, and I have a phone conference with our national committee made-up of National Title I Association, International Literacy Association, and the states participating in “Read & Feed”. January 2017, we found out that ILA and Title I have changed the name of our project. The project is now known as “READ: Read, Eat and Discover”. The name change occurred because another organization in the United States has the same name. States on the committee agreed to the name change.

This year two corporate partners have joined the “READ: Read, Eat and Discover” project. They are Ruby Tuesday and Jet Blue Airlines. They will participate through monetary donations. This is a new occurrence and more information will be available later.

The National Title I Association Conference is in Long Beach, California on February 22-25, 2017. Stephen Sye, International Literacy Association, and Julie Cowell, DESE, will be giving a presentation about “READ: Read, Eat and Discover”. Stephen’s and Julie’s presentation will include St. Louis Suburban Council’s “Read & Feed” project with Harris-Stowe University and Ferguson-Florissant School District in June 2016.

The application is available for Missouri Councils to complete and submit to MSC’s “READ: Read, Eat and Discover” committee for approval. We have over 3000 books to distribute and would like to get the books in the hands of our Missouri students. If you are interested in participating in a “READ” project, please contact Jody Rozbicki, chair, ( An application form will be emailed to you. Once MSC’s “READ” committee has reviewed and the application has been approved, Jody will contact you for the next steps in receiving the books for distribution. Special Note: one member organizing your “READ” project must be an International Literacy Association member.

The school you select must be a Title One feed school.

"We have over 3000 books to distribute"