The Missouri Reader Vol. 40, Issue 1 - Page 4

We are delighted to be the new editors for The Missouri Reader! After long careers as classroom teachers, college teachers, reading specialists, staff development specialists, and literacy leaders, we have both retired and are (almost) full-time literacy volunteers. When we are not working on The Missouri Reader, we fill our time supporting literacy as members of the Missouri State Council (MSC) Executive Board and through our local reading council – St. Louis Suburban Reading Council. We both are active in the MSC Read and Feed Project through ILA and spent many hours preparing and sharing 1,500 books with students in the Ferguson-Florissant Summer School (See article on page 24). When MSC activities are not keeping us busy, we both volunteer in our grandchildren’s schools to support children and their teachers.

We have LOVED the articles sent to us by teachers and educators around the country. Glenda receives the articles, sends them to the Review Board, and communicates with authors. Sam handles the technology involved with getting the issues laid out, published, and posted. This is our first edition to edit, so we have relied on continuing support from our past SUPER EDITORS – Julie Bryant and Jennifer Fox and we send them a BIG THANK YOU! We hope you enjoy reading this edition of The Missouri Reader and gain as much from it as we did.

Happy Reading,

Dr. Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent

Dr Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent


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