The Missouri Reader Vol. 40, Issue 1 - Page 13

21st Century Multimodal Texts: An Elementary Teacher’s Insights

Laurie A. Sharp and Lauren Geiser


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century literacies within a variety of contexts (e.g., Beach & O’Brien, 2015;

Bogard & McMackin, 2012; Casey, 2012; Chisolm & Trent, 2013; Costello, 2012; Dalton, 2014; Dalton & Grisham, 2013; Krause, 2013; Lenters & Winters, 2013; Luke et al., 2015; Nat Turner, 2011). As teachers integrate 21st century multimodal texts into instruction, Hutchinson and Woodward (2014) identified seven critical elements that should influence teachers’ instructional planning, delivery, and reflection (see Figure 1). These critical elements serve as a reflective cycle for teachers and stand to affect the success (or lack thereof) associated with digitally enhanced instruction.21st Century Multimodal Texts in the Classroom

So, what does the inclusion of 21st century multimodal texts look like in a classroom? Lauren Geiser, a 3rd grade teacher with over ten years of teaching experiences, has been incorporating 21st century multimodal texts in her elementary classroom with great success. Lauren enjoys using technology with her students and believes that children can accomplish great things with a computer and a little bit of guidance. While Lauren herself is not a digital native, she actively seeks ways to improve both her personal and professional expertise with 21st century multimodal texts.

Lauren is phenomenal 21st century literacy professional and recently earned a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, along with state-level professional teacher certification for Reading Specialist K-12. I became familiar with Lauren’s use of 21st century multimodal texts during her enrollment in a graduate course I taught and invited her to share her professional insights and perspectives regarding this literacy practice. This interview is intended to inspire educators at all levels to try integrating multimodal texts during their literacy instruction.

Interview with Lauren Geiser- One Teacher’s Insights

Describe the technology available for instructional purposes in your school district.

In my district, there is actually quite a bit of technology available for instructional purposes. Each teacher is issued a school-owned laptop. Every elementary classroom has a Promethean interactive whiteboard and projector, between two and four laptop computers for students, and most elementary

Kristi Odell is the Instructional Facilitator at Indian Trails Elementary School in Fort Osage, MO. She received her Educational Specialist degree in Literacy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Figure 1