The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 7

3M Oral Care-CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Research Presentation Awards Five Students presented abstracts at the 2018 Annual Conference. The judges, chaired by Scientific Committee Chair Dr. Elsa Hui-Derksen, selected the winner of the annual 3M Oral Care Award. Congratulations to Dr. Léa Haikal CAPD/ACDP would like to thank all the students who submitted abstracts for consideration and congratulate the students who were selected to present their research in Banff. Dr. Léa Haikal, University of Montréal: Tricalcium silicate-based cement (BiodentineTM) pulpotomies in permanent traumatised teeth with complicated fractures. Dr. Haikal received the 3M Oral Care-CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Award of $1000 for her presentation as well as a full introductory kit of 3M Stainless Steel primary crowns. Dr. Edwin Chan, University of Toronto, Survival of class III amalgam and composite restorations in primary cuspid teeth Dr. Tara Kennedy, University of Manitoba: The Association of Body Mass Index and Severe Early Childhood Caries in Young Children. Dr. Rena Sihra, University of Manitoba: Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) to Arrest Early Childhood Caries (ECC). Dr. Randa Soussou, University of British Columbia: Waiting Room Time: An Opportunity for Caregiver Oral Health Education. Dr. Elsa Hui-Derksen, Chair of the Scientific Committee introduced the Student presenters Denyse Mantha, Senior Account Representative, 3M Oral Care, Léa Haikal, Winner of the 3M Graduate Student Research Presentation and Gigie McGlynn, Marketing Communications Manager, 3M Oral Care.