The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 32

Dr. Greg Westman Cont’d What do you find most challenging? Treating pediatric patients can be challenging in many ways, but dealing with parents and their expectations I find most challenging. Over my 30 years of practice parenting has changed. In general most children are raised with less discipline making their behaviour less conducive to dental care. Many parents expect Pediatric Dentists to have a “magic wand” that we can wave to treat their children with excellent cooperation and no discomfort. It is frustrating treating children with extensive dental decaying then seeing sibling one or two years later with the same problem. The business aspects of running an office is another challenge. Dealing with staff and complying with the ever changing government and professional regulations and guidelines, has contributed to present hair style. My son Gerry and I after his football game What is the most understood aspect about Pediatric Dentistry? It is my opinion that the public and most other health professionals don’t understand the importance of maintaining oral health with regards to a child’s overall health. In most of Canada pediatrician have referral practices and do limited primary care. The public is generally not aware of the entity of Pediatric Dentistry and the fact that Pediatric Dentists do primary care. When referred to a Pediatric Dentist, many parents will ask “why can’t my dentist do the treatment”. Most parents do not seem to be aware of the training we require to treat children with extensive dental problems or with special needs and the fact that we do more than just fix teeth. Volunteer positions/activities undertaken I have four children. As my kids were growing up I volunteered in many of their school, sport and church activities. I was a member of the Barrie Rotary Club for four years. Professionally, I’m presently the vice- president of the Indiana Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Association, the treasurer for the CSDC Ontario Chapter Study Club and the chief of the dental department at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston Ontario.