The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 28

Dr. Jen MacLellan Cont’d What is your message to Pediatric Dentists (Students, Graduates and those Active in the Profession) about the value of volunteering? Volunteering takes many forms. We all give to our communities in unique and different ways –providing dental services for underserved populations, through community engagement in school programs, sports teams, and professional committees – the list is endless. Although volunteering has always provided enjoyment to me, everyone’s ability and availability to volunteer will vary based upon personal and profession commitments. I believe that everyone gives back on their own time and in a very personal way. Gazing at the Crystal Ball, what innovations in the profession do you foresee (or dream about) in the next 30 years? As an optimist, I think that I dream about the same thing that everyone in a health profession has always hoped for – a world free of disease, pain and suffering. As a realist, I know that is unlikely, but I do have faith that oral and overall health is ever improving. Sunday Dinner As you seem to lead a fairly busy life, what do you do to relax and unwind? I am a true homebody. Not very exciting, but I love to cook, entertain, garden, cross-stitch and clean (yes, clean!). Honestly, nothing makes my heart happier than spending time at home just chatting and hanging out with my husband and children. If there is anything else you wish to comment on or reveal, please do! Stephen and I just celebrated our 26 th wedding anniversary on October 31 st . Yes, we did get married on Halloween! The most commonly asked question…did you dress up? Yes I did – as a bride in a pink wedding dress. My dream car? Pink El Camino. My favourite colour, if you haven’t already guessed, is pink!