The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 27

Dr. Jen MacLellan Cont’d What do you find most challenging? In general, I think challenge is a good thing. That said, meeting children, adolescents and families who are dealing with difficult medical diagnoses and prognoses is, and will always be, heartbreaking and difficult as it is impossible to fully comprehend the challenges they are facing. What is the most misunderstood aspect about Pediatric Dentistry? I would have to say that many people both inside and outside of the dental profession have the misconception that we just treat “baby” teeth. Our specialty training and practice requires an in-depth knowledge of a plethora of medical conditions, diseases and syndromes. We are trained to truly understand and treat the whole person understanding the important link between oral and systemic health. Halloween with Stephen and Jen Industry Involvement. o o o o o o o Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry – Executive Nova Scotia Dental Association – Governing Council Society of Dental Specialists of Nova Scotia – President Atlantic Society of Pediatric Dentistry – President Nova Scotia Dental Association – Specialist Fee Guide and Professional Development Committees Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia – Sedation Guidelines Committee Colchester YMCA - Board of Directors Why do you volunteer? I am from a small town in Nova Scotia with parents who both stressed and demonstrated the importance of community and professional involvement. I guess giving back has always been a part of my life.