The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 23

Dr. Raymond Lee Cont’d What do you find most challenging? Politics. It’s not just in hospitals and institutions, but also in private practice. Life’s too short. People sweat over the smallest things. I just want to fix people and have fun doing it. We’re all so fortunate in so many ways and I’m equally guilty of forgetting that sometimes. What is the most misunderstood aspect about Pediatric Dentistry? Giving the Vice President’s Report at the AGM in Banff We’ve all heard it….”Why bother? They’re just baby teeth!” And don’t we just “‘play with kids”? And “put tin cans on their teeth”? And especially these days, people think that anyone can just put kids to sleep and fix them. Maybe I’m old, but I think that behaviour management is one of the pillars of what we do. It’s a real skill, and “pharmaceutical management” should only be an adjunct. Don’t get me wrong…I like drugs, but less is more sometimes. It’s part of what makes us unique. Why do you volunteer? I think we all have to give back sometime. Whether that’s on a mission trip to a place in need or giving time to charitable organizations here and abroad. We are all so fortunate in what we have and what we can do….we must share our wealth and blessings. It not only feels good, but it makes us better as human beings. Gazing at the Crystal Ball, what innovations in the profession do you foresee (or dream about) in the next 30 years? The IAPD Global Summit in Thailand I do wonder about the elimination of caries. When I graduated, “they” suggested that we would out of jobs within the decade. Maybe SDF will somehow carry the bioactive agents that not only arrest decay but also stimulate the regeneration and replacement of diseased structure. With my love of sci-fi, the evolution of the laser may increase its role in day-to-day practice. And will they be able to clone teeth? No one stored cord blood 25 years ago, yet I have a cancer kid who’s being auto-transplanted next week. So, wouldn’t it be nice? You seem to lead a fairly busy life. What do you do to relax and unwind? I’ve always suggested that despite my extroverted appearance, I’m quite introverted. Anyone who’s seen me on social media knows I’m a foodie (+/- alcohol) and an avid music fan. I actually like cooking. And you might as well throw in some travelling. It doesn’t have to be far or exotic. I love going somewhere, having some good eats, and dessert would be a concert. Of course, I take pictures of it all, and we’re full circle on the social media stuff. Lol. The AAPD Annual Session in Honolulu Cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand