The Mirror, December 2018 The Mirror, December 2018 - Page 22

GETTING TO BETTER KNOW THE MEMBERS OF THE ACADEMY DR. RAYMOND LEE CAPD/ACDP President, 2018 to 2020 What are your goals as the new President of CAPD/ACDP? First is to maintain the momentum of Dr. Paul Andrews’ work and leadership with the Executive Council. He kept on top of everything and I can hopefully at least keep up to Paul’s speed. We’re actively working with the Chief Dental Officer of Canada on a new Caries Risk Assessment tool, the issues with provincial sedation guidelines are ongoing, SDF-use seems more prevalent, and we’re always aware of the fluoride/fluoridation battles that seem to pop up every now and then. For a volunteer job, these positions truly require a lot of work, with respect to keeping organized, dedication, and perseverance. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many hard-working and reliable people. As saying goes, this is definitely a “team sport”. Secondly, after spending time with the respective Presidents of the IAPD and the AAPD there is a push to foster closer relationships. In other words, “internationalize” our specialty. Again, the theme of “team”; we’re all in this together. There’s a new Sheriff in town: the Presidential handover from Paul to Ray in Banff. Why did you choose to specialize in Pediatric Dentistry? Besides just being plain fun, I’ve always rooted for the underdog and empathized with the vulnerable and needy. Doesn’t that describe children, whether healthy or unhealthy? Where did you do your training? Dental school at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and specialty training at the University of Toronto. Boy, 27 years flew by quick. What do you enjoy the most about your job? I honestly don’t think I work. It’s not really a job. Can anyone enjoy “work” or a “job” this much? I have a skill set now and it helps fix people… so be it. Each day is an adventure and I just get it done. I try not to stress out about things too much. Again, work is not really “work”, or a “job”….if that makes sense.