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Dr. Paul Andrews Cont’d What do you enjoy the most about your job? Just helping the kids. I love the fact that I can bring them back to the state of good oral health and that many of my patients are still with me after 25+ years and I have had the opportunity to see them grow and mature into wonderful adults … as well as caring for their children! In addition I am very proud to have had the opportunity to influence the education of every graduate from the U of T programme for more than 25 years. What do you find most challenging? Parents! What is the most misunderstood aspect about Pediatric Dentistry? That we don’t help people who have foot problems, lol. Seriously, it is the lack of awareness by society/government that Paediatric Dentists exist and what we do. Industry Involvement. Please list some of the volunteer positions/activities you have undertaken.      2018-present Canadian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, Immediate Past President 2017-present Public Health Agency of Canada, Government of Canada, National Caries Risk Assessment Tool Review Working Group 2017-present CDA Seal Recognition Committee 2016-present: Canadian Dental Specialties Association (CDSA) Board of Directors, representing Paediatric Dentistry. 2019-2020 CDSA Secretary-Treasurer Vineyard in Sicily           2015-present ODA Sustainable and Equitable Funding Advisory Committee (SEFAC) committee member 2014-present CDA National Oral Health Action Plan working group (NOHAP-WG) renamed Canadian Oral Health Roundtable 2015 (COHR) member, Canadian Dental Specialties Association (CDSA) representative  1999-present North Central Society of Pediatric Dentists, 2013-present CDA Access to Care Committee, renamed National Coordinating Group on Access Board of Trustees, Trustee representing Ontario to Care, member, ODA representative 1997-present Ontario Society of Paediatric Dentists Fee Guide Committee, Chair 2013-2016 AAPD Board of Trustees, North Central District Trustee 2013-2016 AAPD Trustee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Board Liaison 2013-2016 AAPD Trustee, Credentials and Ethics Committee, Board Liaison 2013-2015 AAPD Recruitment task force member, AAPD Board of Trustees 2007-2008 North Central Society of Pediatric Dentists, President 2003-2014 American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Council on Annual Session, Scientific Program Subcommittee, Member