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IS HYPOPHOSPHATASIA (HPP) IN YOUR PRACTICE? 99% of all patients with HPP experience tooth loss (with the root intact) before the age of 5 1 What is HPP? A life-threatening genetic disorder 2 Caused by loss of function mutations in the alkaline phosphatase gene ( ALPL ) 2 ALP enzyme deficiency disrupts mineralization of bones and teeth, causing numerous devastating consequences 2 1. Refer your patient to the local children’s hospital dental service or HPP medical expert to ensure further assessment, diagnosis, and the management of the patient 2. Schedule regular check-ups to monitor oral health, tooth loss, and space maintenance REFERENCES: 1. Whyte M, et al. Hypophosphatasia: Validation and expansion of the clinical nosology for children from 25 years experience with 173 pediatric patients. Bone . 2015;75:229-239. 2. Rockman-Greenberg C. Hypophosphotasia. Pediatr Endocrinol Rev . 2013;10:380-388. Alexion is a registered trademark of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Copyright © 2018, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. All rights reserved. CA/UNB-H/18/0027