The Michael J. Fox Foundation Annual Report 2017 – Roadmaps for Progress - Page 40

The Michael J. Fox Foundation $1K and Above (cont.) 2017 Annual Report Rene Vaurs Christine Kelly and Morton O. Weinress Verna and James Wismer Adelaine Thunen Leonard M. Verrastro Samuel Weinschenk Saralee Wittmer Roy Thylin John Vesia Susan and Stuart Weinshanker Richard Wohlstadter Roy Tiarks Ryan Vilhauer Andi and Bob Weiss Marc Wolenik Mary Tidwell Chadwick Virgil W. D. Weiss Tim Wolf M. J. Tiesi Family William Vissers Betty and William Weldon Jane and Homer Wolfe Christy Tinnes George Voigt Jeffrey Welt Mary Connolly and Leo Wolkowicz Steven Todd Carolyn Von Der Ahe Sharon and James Welty Voorhees High School Amy Wendell Nancy and Randy Wolman Vahla and Tom Todd Clark Toews Vorsheck Family Foundation Inc Melodie and Mark Wendling Krist A. and James B. Voyles Paul Weninger Robert Wade Steve and Cindy Wentzel Iris and Alex Wagman Charlotte Westerfield C. R. Cramer Wagner Jeff Westphal Nancy Wagner Lori Wetzel Lisa Wahl Kathleen Whaley Sara Wahl Eva and Michael Wharton Gerald and Carol Wahlenmayer Adam Wheeler John Wahlers Elizabeth Wheeler Ross Waite Ron Wheelis Paula Walborsky Bates White Esther Walker Charles White James and Sharon Walker Mark White James Walker Rand White Tonya Walker Whiteman Family Fund Deborah Wallace Daniel Whiteside Patricia and Dave Wallace Bernard Whitman Rosalie Walrack Charles & Alberta Whitney Les Tuerk Barbara Walsh Candis Whittall Peter Tufano Helen Walsh Whole Lotta Future Foundation Shari and Jonathan Turell John Walsh Darla Turlington Mary and Frank Walsh John Turner Stephen Walsh Mary Turner John Wanamaker Samuel Turner Irene Wanat Carol and Lyle Tuthill Todd Wang Cathy and Kevin Twibell Carolyn Ward Nicholas Tzitzon Joseph Ward Candy Udell William Warden Ingeborg Uhlir Theresa Warnecke Roople Unia Paul Warner Don Upson Deborah Warner Kosciw Ryan Urban Barbara Warrick Susan and Robert Urban Warrenton Toyota Wayne Urban Patricia Washington Gopi Vaddi Lori Wasserman Jessica Valenti Susan Wasson Richard Valenti James Waters James Morgan and Natalia Valentini Arleigh Jean Watkins Living Trust Gregory Valloch Stephen Watkins Linda Williams Shane Van Buskirk E. Weatherford Nancy G. Williams Helen and Robert Van Eck Allyson and Walter Weathers Sally Williams Deanna van Gestel Catherine Weber Brian Williamson John and Jacqui Van Meter Eliza S. Weber Deane and Searcy Willis Sandra Vanacore John Weber Stuart Willison William Ziemek Donna Vander Wal Sarah Weber Lynn Wilmas Kurt Zimmerli Michelle and Joseph Vanderlinden Debra Wechsler Wayne Wilmot John Zimmerman Mary VanDerPloeg Pamela Weekes David Wilson Karla Zimmerman Barbara VanHanken Beth and Eliot Wegbreit Helen Wilson Linda Zimmerman Jean and Edward VanSweden Erin Frost Miller Weibel Mary Wilson Michael Zimmerman April Vara Fred Weil Joseph Wingard Audrey and Richard Zinman Elizabeth and Michael Varet Gretchen and Maurice Weiler Carolyn and Sears Winslow Paticia Zins Craig Varrelman Cynthia and Andrew Weinfeld Thomas G. Wipf Neal Zung Charles Tollett Linda Tolmie David Tomkins Mamie and Keith Tompkins Tony VanBrackle Sara Tool Catherine and Ned Topham Fund Kuniko Torayama David R. Tourville Jean Trainor Tri-City Valley Cats Dusanka Trifunovic Virginia Lee and John Trojanowski Ardith and Robert Trost Jean Troubh William True Larry Tucker Sandra and Edward Tucker Susan Tucker 38 Austin Wenger Michael Wolpert Wolzinger Family Foundation Steven C. Wong Synthia Wong Christopher Woodhouse Brian Woods The Estate of Anna L. Woods Sarah and Tom Woofter Alan Workman William Worth Greta Wren Brian Wright Ashley and Victor Wu Michael Wu William W. Wurts Charles Wynings Joshua Wyse Carole Yaley Corso Lily Chen Yap, MD Eva Yarmo Darrah Yates Robert Yates Steven Wicinski Vida Yazdani The Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation David Yeater Jean Yee Harold Widom Chin Chin Yeh Marilyn Wightman Stuart Yingst Lawrence Wigley May Yip Peter Wilde Douglas York Teresa Wilde Charles Young Libby Geist Wildes and Kevin Wildes Elizabeth Young Kathleen Wilds Bill and Sara Wilkins Kathleen and Jim Wilkinson Jerrott Willard Cher Willems Beth Williams Donna Williams Janet Williams Jo-Anne Williams Kim and Ken Williams Team Fox Heather Young Rallying friends and family to raise funds for groundbreaking research is a powerful way to help speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Last year, 5,800 individuals collectively raised more than $10 million through Team Fox — The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s grassroots, worldwide “passion network” of supporters. Whether they are pedaling, paddling, Fox Trotting, sipping wine or flipping flapjacks, Team Fox members continue to bowl us over with their far-reaching creativity and determination to eradicate Parkinson’s once and for all. Laura and Charlie Young Louise Young Michelle and Jim Young Peggy Kratz and Jim Young Debra Raskin and Michael Young Thomas D. Young Larry S. Zajdel Ana and Aaron Zamost Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Zdenek Steve Zecola Eric Zehnder Tim and Ginny Zender Fund Feng Zhou Galina Rutoiz Ziegler 39