The Michael J. Fox Foundation Annual Report 2017 – Roadmaps for Progress - Page 30

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A lecturer at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Anne is one of more than 19,000 people currently participating in Fox Insight, The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s online clinical study aiming to amplify the patient voice in Parkinson’s research. The Foundation launched Fox Insight ( in October 2017 in collaboration with personal genetics company 23andMe. The study’s ambitious goal: to build a large, diverse cohort — hundreds of thousands of patients and control volunteers — providing researchers, drug makers, regulators and payers critical insight into the lived experience, genetics and variability of Parkinson’s disease. “People are hungry for ways to engage.” Increasingly, Parkinson's patients seek to be active contributors to improved disease understanding and the search for new therapies. “People are hungry for ways to engage,” says Anne, who also is a member of the Foundation’s Patient Council. “Now anyone can make a huge difference from the comfort of home.” Fox Insight doesn’t replace traditional clinical research, but complements brick-and- mortar studies — which are typically small and extraordinarily expensive — with scale and accessibility, supplementing in-person studies with cohort size and rigorous patient perspective data gathered over time. 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