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WWW.METROTIMESATLANTA.COM ~ E @METROTIMESATLANTA ~ M @METROTIMESATL ~ JULY 2018 @THEMETROTIMESATL ASML Fall Launch in OTC Page 1 3rd Little Thing Clark Carmicheal Page 4 LEARN THROUGH PLAY Where in Metro? TELL US WHERE THIS IS! Enter online at www. for a chance to win a FREE COFFEE DRINK of your choice at AWAKE Coffee Community! Winners announced on The Power of Playtime not distinguish between work and play... essentially all of life was understood as play.” By Lauren Roberts R egardless of how you believe humanity began years ago, If all of life was play, then how did I think we can all agree that man was much more primitive before education, as it exists today, develop? than he is now. What was life like many There is clearly an innate drive in adults years ago? There are scientists and to teach their children everything they archaeologists who speculate about know. As language developed, stories were told and memorized what life was like but we to preserve the past. In don’t truly know because addition, a set of rules we weren’t there. My Something established and question is, how did happened and life was taught somehow. humans learn many stopped being all years ago? I propose that Something happened play. education during ancient and life stopped being times looked a lot like all play. Work became a play. In an article posted reality. Education looked on Psychology Today, an educational researcher at Boston different in every culture. In most College, Peter Gray, Ph.D. (2008) said, cultures, early on, children were subdued “Anthropologists have reported that the by authorities until they submitted. hunter-gatherer groups they studied did Formal education was started in the Look for it. Health and Wellness 10 Humpday Heathy Hour, The Arts and Entertainment 4 Dangers of Sugar, Don’t forget to The 3rd little thing, Gyros to Hydrate and Anger and Fear ... go with the Fooding Fuchs and Tee time with Tony. Education & Development 6 6 Students in WIT, HA makes a difference, To homeschool or not, Moms Corner, Splashin on the that may be your question... Family Living 8 shoals and there is more to the library than books. Favorites Devotional 2 Pat Cavanaugh Lost in the Middle of nowhere Pet of the Month so you i should probably as for His Deon’s Do’s & Don’ts ways and not mine... Wendy Bear 1029 Railroad St. NW Conyers, GA 30012 WENDYBEAR.NET The greatest compliment you can give is a referral. 3 3 5 United States by Christians who required their children to know rules and the scriptures well. Education was not established to take play out of children’s lives. However, as cultural pressure to prove self-worth increased, the amount of time for play decreased. Life began to look different, and “children became forced laborers.” Peter Gray (2008) also said, “Play and exploration were suppressed.” In most cultures, willfulness, which began as a good thing, became a vice that authorities felt the need to beat out of children. Children became tools of gaining wealth because people started to realize they could gain more if children were working for them and if their will was suppressed with violence, they would become a source of more wealth. So, education developed as being the READ ONLINE AT AWAKE COMMUNITIES IN TE R N A TIO N A L The Metro Times Delivered right to you! with Friends and Family Page 7 children’s work. But the idea of learning through play kept trying to resurface. In Germany, Friedrich Froebel created kindergarten as a way of trying to get children out of the workforce and into a place of learning through play. He said, “Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone continued on pg 3 ASML OPENS SOON! trying to incorporate their faith into their profession. For the majority of us who have a relationship with Jesus, we’ve read and been taught the importance of being salt and light, in every aspect of our lives, including our jobs. Awake School of Marketplace Leadership F or the majority of young adults and college students, the leap from the classroom to the marketplace is one of uncertainty. Most discover that they are unpre- pared. Our modern higher edu- cation system’s format consists mainly of lectures, papers, and classrooms. ronment. Most professions today demand the ability to identify problems, research effective solu- tions and implement successful strategies. Projects are assigned, and employees are expected to complete most of it on their own. However, for many, this rarely extends beyond simply acting like If navigating this transition a Christian and being nice. If you into the workplace wasn’t hard have want to work with your faith However, current job seekers enough, there’s a significant num- in the forefront, you might assume land in a much different envi- ber of young new workers who are continued on pg 2 Well maintained, one owner, custom built, 4 sided brick ranch with full finished basement. Home is professionally decorated, master on main, large living area w/fireplace, lower level has two bedrooms, one bath, den w/fireplace, located on beautiful lake.