The Messiah Herald Issue 08 January 2018 - Page 4

COVER STORY WHO IS JESUS CHRIST? In this edition of the Messiah Herald, we shed new light on Jesus’ time in this world, his Second Coming and the famous Kingdom of God. We uncover the shocking details of Jesus Christ’s esoteric person: a universal figure whose bounty transcends the limits of orthodox religion and human thought. P RACTICALLY EVERYONE HAS heard the story of Jesus Christ: the child born miraculously to a virgin who grew up to change the course of history forever. The entire Christendom knows him to be the only begotten Son of God who sacrificed everything for the sake of humankind; they firmly believe that through his love, all Christians will attain everlasting salvation. To many non-Christians, Jesus Christ was the revolutionary personality whose miracles and transformative teachings inspired millions. Christians assert that Jesus, the Son of God, will return in the end times to punish the evildoers and rule the hearts of humanity. Countless books have been written about Jesus’ life and the rise of Christianity. 4 Throughout the 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ in this world, people have dedicated lifetimes towards unravelling the mysteries surrounding this fascinating figure. Given Jesus Christ’s enduring legacy, you could argue that everything that could have been said has already been said when it comes to Jesus. However, thanks to unprecedented insight from His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, we’re proud to present here the spiritual truths behind the obscure aspects of Jesus Christ’s multidimensional personality. Through His Divine Eminence’s unique spiritual method, we show you how to practically connect yourself to Jesus Christ.