The Messiah Herald Issue 08 January 2018 - Page 18

EDITORIAL EDITORIAL 1 Go to page 14 to learn how to obtain the Inner Baptism. I W HO D N U FO S U S E J LOVE, F O D E E THE S S O W I N G C A L LY. P R AC T I BELL K BY STEVE FOUNDATION U H IA S S E M F O IDENT PRES 18 18 MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 08 / JAN 2018 As a child, my love for Lord Jesus was very strong and comforting. I also felt an overwhelming love and adoration for our Lady Mother Mary. I often dreamt of Lord Jesus visiting my room and taking me by my hand up to the moon and stars where we would sit and look down on the earth and talk. At Sunday School, I used to tell of my dreams and share my desire to one day have a personal relationship with my Lord. When the priest asked us if anything confused us during mass, I once replied ‘Father, the words at the end of the service are so sweet and comforting,”Go in peace to love and serve the Lord,” but how can I love the Lord? I cannot see or hear him: how can I serve him in a practical way?’ To be honest, I was not satisfied with the answers I received. In 2006, I was introduced to Messiah Foundation International (MFI) via a work colleague. I was shown a true image of Lord Jesus. The image filled me with immense joy and hope; I was told that Jesus wishes to dwell in the hearts of his followers. I was told of the majesty of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, a Spiritual Master and a Messenger of Love. I was invited to MFI’s London office where I met the Chief Executive of MFI, His Holiness Younus AlGohar. Mr AlGohar assured me that the spiritual teachings and message of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz were in keeping of Lord Jesus, who spread this divine message of love some 2000 years ago. I heard, to my amazement, that MFI offers second spiritual baptism, where the seed of love is implanted in hearts by reciting the name of Lord Jesus. This is an Inner Bapt ʹݡɔͥ́ɔ͕)ɽѡͥ٥1Ёѕ́ѡЁ)ͽձ̰ɕ݅́ѡɕɕ́ѡ)1ɐ)̸=ѡ́ͥ́х)ͥ́ɔɕɽѕɥѡи$)݅́ѽѡЁѡщ́ɔ幍ɽ͕)ݥѠѡ1ɓé́ɕձЁݡ)݅ɵѠ́Ʌѥ丁Q́)ѡՔɵѥѡЁѡ1ɐ́ѕ)Ը)$ѽѡɥՅѥʹݥѠ)ɵ́Ѽ)͡ȁ䰁$Ёѕ)ѕ䁅Ё$ѕȁ)5$ݡѕѼɕѡ)ͅѼѡ̸$ٔͥЁ)ՍɕѕȁѥѼ1ɐ))ٔݽəհɕ́)ɥ̸)Aͽ䰁ݡЁɕа$݅)ɽѕ䁕٥ɕɕ́Ё͍ɕѼ)䁅ѽ͡аѡIIхѕѼ)ɕͽչ䁡Ё́ݕ́)̸Q٥)́ͅɕ$݅́Ёɱ̸Q)Ѽ݅́ɽѡЁѡ͔ݼ䁅ѥ)ͽѥ́ɔݽɭѽѡȁѼ́)յ)Q́ѥհͅѼ́)́Ѽɕ$ѥɅѥͥ)䁙Ѡ$ٔѡ́ѥѥѼ)1ɐ)́!1ɐII)M͡а$ɕٕѡݕȁѼѡ)Օѥ$ͭѡɥЁѡ͔啅́)$܁܁Ѽٔѡ1ɐ聉䁕ѕѡ)Ё٥)́ݕѡɔ$܁)Ѽ͕ٔ聉ɅٕݥѠ5$ɕ)ѡ́ͅѥյѼ1ɐ))̸(