The Messiah Herald Issue 08 January 2018 - Page 10

THE REAL JESUS CHRIST HIS EXTRA-CELESTIAL ORIGINS REVEALED 1 Masih is often incorrectly used interchangeably with the term Maseeha, which means Messiah. Masih is a word from Suryani, which is the language God uses to address the angels. J ESUS CHRIST’S advent in this world preluded a shift in the way people viewed God. His fearless nature, boundless miracles and extraordinary compassion drew people in flocks towards him. To many, what he said seemed to be a departure from the messages of other prophets before him, for he challenged people to rise above the rituals of the religion and adopt divine love. Based on his sublime character, many concluded that he was the Son of God. Others who obtained his close proximity declared that God himself had come in the guise of his son. His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi was the first to reveal the esoteric person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not a Son of Man or the Son of God. Jesus is God. - His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi 10 Even according to the divine law that governs the universe, Jesus Christ’s case was singular. Before Jesus Christ, all prophets would begin their ministry at the age of 40, when they would be spiritually and mentally ready to take on the responsibility of their rank. However, LUKE 2:32 states that Jesus was in his early 30’s when he began to preach. Furthermore, gnostic texts and the Koran state that Jesus performed a miracle in his infancy when he spoke in the cradle. While the other prophets would spend decades spreading their messages, Jesus Christ’s ministry lasted a total of 33 months, and yet the impact he left was substantially greater than that of many prophets before him. To this day, he is symbolic to divinity on Earth for millions of people. A title attributed to Jesus Christ in scripture is Masih which means The Traveller 1 . His Divine Eminence disclosed that the esoteric person of Jesus originates from the Unseen World: an extra- celestial realm far beyond the confines of our universe. The Unseen World is home to God-like individuals known as the Divine Society. Jesus is a member of the Divine Society with his very own kingdom. MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 08 / JAN 2018 This is a reference to his most arcane secret: that he comes from the extra-celestial realms. One of the most prominent aspects of Jesus’ character is that he is devoid of the fear factor that is ingrained in human nature. That is because he is in no way a human being. For human beings, there is always an underlying fear controlling our actions and thoughts. We live in perpetual uncertainty about our choices, our lives and how we will live our lives hereafter (and indeed, many of us question whether or not there is a life hereafter). Jesus does not know what it is to fear death or the possibility of spending eternity in hell. The concepts of illness, pain and death are foreign to individuals from the Unseen World. Therefore, Jesus’ bold approach to preaching was unprecedented. 2000 years ago, whether he was standing before common men, the Pharisees or the Romans, he did not shy away from speaking the God-sent truth. Although Jesus Christ didn’t publicly explain his origins, he was vocal enough to give his followers a hint as to who he really is. 11