The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 - Page 6

The Emotional Intelligence Crisis What happens when emotions backfire? E MOTIONS CAN PUSH US TO ACT compassionately, but they can backfire and compel us to act maliciously. For example, if you are a parent and you see a toddler who is hungry, that child will remind you of your own child. When you think of your son or daughter, you’ll be emotionally charged up. In that state, you will help a stranger’s child. On the other hand, as a reaction to the ongoing wave of Islamist terrorism, average citizens have been found to be committing hate crimes against people who have similar appearances to those involved in terrorism. People of Middle Eastern and South Asian ethnicities, in particular, are victims of this misguided approach. Let’s suppose there was recent news of an Islamist terrorist who carried out a suicide bombing, murdering many innocent people along with himself. Later on, a Muslim man was exhibiting anger or frustration in public; someone watching him who had seen the news would be reminded of the Islamist terrorist involved in the bombing. This reminder would cause such a person’s emotions to reach their peak; it may even incite them to physic ǒ&FR6VBg&BbFVfW"F2gFW"&&"6v6Fv26BBVB&'g&氣`&VRv֗7F"6Ff"W6Ɩ 6Fv26vv&RFRG&FFGW&&BFVBVwF&V&BW"2&VƖv( 0wVFVƖW3G&FFǒW6ƖV6VWVwF&V&G2BvV"GW&&2"&VP6B( 6( BFRF2&RFWVBא'&FW'2B67FW'2( TTRU%5T5DdRऄDR5$U3DR5D%b4d5DT@U#TdduD5EХF2v2B6FV@6FVCvR&R6VVrFvW&W2&6RFR7&W206֗7BFW'&&7G2F&VFVv&V6RऄVW2v"76W'G2( FV7FFW'&&6( 2B2BW7@&WBFW&F6Ɨ6F( 2R6fRFFR6&RbFRVFFVƖvV6RbVR6FBVRFB&V6RWG&vVW2B&R&RF6G&FV"vVF2( U54U$B55TRRT#