The Messiah Herald Issue 04 May 2017 - Page 14

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE “We are civilised people who respect humanity. We cannot be cowed by lunatics who practise the hateful ideology of death.” Handling Setbacks Effectively Some people seek isolation when they are emotionally down and become hostile to those around them. They don’t want to talk to people. This won’t help because it shuts the door to any help that may come to them and, chances are, it’ll push them deeper into depression. First and foremost, if you think that you’re the only one in the world who has a problem, you are severely mistaken. Remind yourself that every single person in this world is laden with trouble; but the thing is, everybody thinks his pain is greater than everybody else’s. If you are sad, seek a solution and always leave a door open for someone to come and help you. What does it mean to be under pressure? You go under pressure when you know your problem and get frustrated. There are two types of frustration: original and false. Sometimes you get frustrated when you have a problem that you are working to resolve, and despite your best efforts, you fail. That is when you are justified to be frustrated. However, sometimes, before even exhausting all avenues to solve your problem, you impose frustration upon yourself prematurely. This is false frustration and a lot of people fall prey to it. When religious people fall prey to false frustration, they go to their worship places and say, ‘God, help me.’ Following this, they lose trust in God because God does not help those who are not genuinely in need of his help. It is a common belief in Christianity that God helps those who want to help themselves. [PROVERBS 12:24; 13:4] 14 HH Younus AlGohar, therefore, advises, ‘Only pray to God for help when you cannot help yourself.’ When you have tried everything and now you are truly helpless, that is when you suffer from original frustration. It is only at this stage that the Lord’s help comes. For spiritual people who are connected to the Lord, there is no room for frustration in their lives. Frustration is a condition where there is nobody to help you. However, those connected to HDE Gohar Shahi need never suffer from frustration. ‘Make as much effort as it is required. If, even after everything you have done to resolve the problem, there is no result and you are clueless and feel helpless, then call upon HDE Gohar Shahi. I guarantee that you will be helped straight away. When the Lord’s help arrives, there is jubilance, not frustration.’ - HH Younus AlGohar Before allowing frustration to overwhelm your mind, try to remain calm so that you can solve the problem. Be reasonable, give yourself some perspective and tell yourself that your issue is not the end of the world. Then, weigh your options and calculate what you must do in order to resolve the issue. After your calculations, you know what to do. When you know that something can be achieved, keep cool. You should be worried when you know it cannot be done. There is no problem that cannot be solved! MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 04 / MAY 2017 twitter @younusalgohar