The Messiah Herald Issue 01 Feb 2017 - Page 8

Being aware of all this is self-realisation . It all depends on how well you know yourself . Most people don ’ t even know how many of their souls are active and how many are inactive . They want to know themselves , but there is a barrier .

The Spiritual Human Anatomy

Self-realisation is not possible without a Universal Spiritual Guide . All you know right now is what you can see in a mirror . What is inside you is hidden even from you , and only God has the keys .
There are keys in spirituality with which you activate your souls . When your main soul is strong enough to fly , you reach its realm . If your Spiritual Heart is active , strong and able to perform a spiritual journey , you will reach its respective realm . Then , in spirituality a new door of realisation opens up within you , revealing more of your capabilities and spiritual calibre . You will then be triggered into activating other souls within you . With every activated soul , you will have more access to the spiritual realm and will know more of yourself .
When all your souls are activated , you will arrive at the Station of God-Seeing . This is the Station of Union where your being and the supreme being of God will mingle with each other in such a spiritual chemistry that there will be no mark of distinction between the two .
When you obtain union with God , you ’ ll become the embodiment of God on Earth . Thereafter , sitting with you will be spiritually equal to sitting with God . Speaking with you will be equal to speaking with God because you will have God ’ s presence in you ; God will speak through you . God will be able to see people through your eyes and when you walk , it will be as if God is walking on two legs . This is selfrealisation .

EVERY HUMAN BEING IS A COMPOUND of multiple souls . In total , there are seven main subtleties in the human body . Once enlightened , some of the spirits potentially produce sub-spirits , meaning that an enlightened and divinely accomplished human being can be comprised of a total of sixteen spirits .

The seven main spirits in the human body are :
1 .
The Carnal Self ( Nafs )
2 .
The Spiritual Heart ( Qalb )
3 .
The Main Human Soul ( Rouh )
4 .
The Secret ( Sirri )
5 .
The Arcane ( Khafi )
6 .
The Obscure ( Akhfah )
7 .
Me ( Ana )
By default , all the spirits in the human body remain dormant unless you manage to revive them with the help of spirituality . The only spirit in you that is already active is the Carnal Self , as the realm it relates to is the phenomenal world . There are many hidden esoteric and exoteric functions of each subtlety which are only unlocked when you awaken and illuminate it . For example , the exoteric functions of the five subtleties in the breast relate to the five senses .
His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explains , ‘ Spirituality has nothing to do with any religion . Spirituality is the knowledge with the help of which you can awaken your souls . You can strengthen them and through them , you reach the higher realms and approach God .’
Read more about the different functions of the spirits and how to awaken them in His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi ’ s book , The Religion of God ( Divine Love ).