The Messiah Herald Issue 01 Feb 2017 - Page 4

In 2015 , the Blood Moon prophecy was fulfilled . God has manifested Divine Signs on various celestial and terrestrial bodies such as the Moon and the Holy Black Stone ( in Mecca ) to help humanity recognise the Messiah .
The fourth and final Blood Moon which occurred on 28th September , 2015 .
The End of Days
Although the Tanach warns Jews not to predict the exact era of the Messiah , many prominent leaders in the Jewish community have expressed their belief that the coming of the Messiah is imminent based on the signs preceding his advent .
For example , it is prophesied that there would be war and great suffering before the Messianic Age . [ EZEKIEL 38:16 ] Another major sign is the exile of the Jewish people from Israel , the rise of anti- Semitism [ EZEKIEL 20:34 ] and the Jews ’ eventual return to their ancestral land . [ DEUTERONOMY 4:25-
31 ; ISAIAH 59:20 ]
Today , Israel is home to a huge population of Jews . With that , hostility towards the Jewish community is greater than perhaps ever before . This is illustrated by the rise of extremist militant groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the countries surrounding Israel ; many of these organisations routinely call for the destruction of Israel and genocide of the Jews .
According to the Book of Joel , the end of days is characterised by war and earthquakes . Then , the Lord shall display wonders in the sky and on the Earth . It declares that the world will not come to an end until the Moon turns to blood and the Sun is eclipsed . [ Joel 2:30-31 ]
We are living in an increasingly tense global environment . The world is being held hostage by terrorists and there have been devastating natural disasters in recent years , especially earthquakes .
The Messiah ’ s Role
One of the major jobs of the Messiah is to grant humanity the special name of God that would be used to enlighten their hearts , souls and minds so that the knowledge of God fills the world . [ ISAIAH 11:9 ] Through the Messiah , God will enter into a new covenant with humanity ; it is this task of the Messiah that will empower all humanity to know God in the Messianic Age and enable the Israelites to access the Torah through their hearts . [ JEREMIAH 31:33-34 ]
In anticipation of the coming of the Messiah , God declared in the Ten Commandments , ‘ Do not take the Lord ’ s name in vain .’ [ EXODUS 20:7 ]
God intended for the Jewish nation to be blessed in an unprecedented way by the Messiah . Had they taken the Lord ’ s name without it being spiritually conferred onto them by the Messiah , the divine energy from God ’ s name would not have been absorbed by their hearts . Therefore , their utterance of the divine name would be wasted for them .
So as part of the Lord ’ s wisdom , when Moses asked God , ‘ What is your name ?’ He replied , ‘ I am what I am ( Yahweh ).’ [ EXODUS 3:14 ]
Through the special name of God , the Messiah shall unify humanity and usher in an era of utter peace [ ISAIAH 2:1-4 ] in which evil and tyranny will diminish [ ISAIAH 11:4 ] and the Lord ’ s Kingdom will be established . [ ZECHARIAH 14:9 ]
If a personality is granting the name of God to the hearts and souls in this world , then all those who await the Messiah should ponder ! The one who has the spiritual authority and calibre to do so must be none other than the Promised Messiah sent forth by God .