The Messiah Herald Issue 01 Feb 2017 - Page 11

His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi says , ‘ When the diseased body is cured and health is restored , life is blissful . If the soul is cured , the next life will be blissful .’


divine energy running the stomach is lost and evil energy enters it . Similarly , the faculties of the heart and soul also become diseased if divine energy is not provided to them .
You are not able to converse with God if your heart is darkened and you cannot love God if your soul is darkened .
An unhealthy stomach does not digest food and only the required medicine can restore its health . When even a minuscule object enters your eyes , you immediately seek a doctor . Why don ’ t you take medicine when the spiritual health of the heart is lost or when your soul is unhealthy ? You have money and luxury , but you lack peace of mind and heart because your soul is ill .
Just as physicians heal the body , spiritual doctors remove illnesses from the Spiritual Heart . Usually , you need strength and endurance after an illness is cured . Similarly , after the heart is spiritually cured and purified , you have to abandon your desires and fulfil the commandments of the Lord .
God says that you shall not avail God ’ s love until you give away what you love the most in the way of God .
Some people love their children the most , some their spouses and others money . However , some people love their egos the most ; they sacrifice their spouses , children , money and all else for their egos . You must eliminate the ego to obtain God ’ s love . How do you find out if you love your ego the most ? You love your ego the most if , for example , your father criticises you and in retaliation , you insult your father to save your ego . In another instance , you may insult your spouse to save your ego . Some people may sacrifice their egos for their spouses , however , blessed is one who gives away everything for God .