The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 6

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 006 THE CEO CEO: Nick Koerbin EMAIL: “I am confident that we can create a more successful painting and decorating industry in Australia—an industry which promotes and enhances the successes of everyone involved.” I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Nick Koerbin, and in October 2015, I was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Master Painters Australia Limited (MPAL). This is the first time in the 100-year history of MPAL that a CEO has been appointed. My appointment came about as the result of the development of the MPAL national Strategic Plan. The MPAL Board has recognised the need for a national body that will: grow the painting and decorating industry in Australia; promote the interests of all members; develop a broader, more in-depth range of services; and collaboratively build industry relationships which will ultimately be of value in the painting and decorating industry. I bring more than 25 years experience as a CEO for industry and professional associations to the MPAL. Throughout the course of my career I have held senior executive and CEO positions in a variety of associations, including the Total Quality Management Institute, Materials Australia, the Australian Human Resources Institute, the Australian Quality Council, the Institute of Insurance, the Financial Planning Association, and the Furniture Industry Association of Australia. In a number of these roles, I have been responsible for managing significant change programs, implemented at a time when industry associations have recognised that their model of serving members needs improvement. My first objective in my role at MPAL is to implement the new national Strategic Plan. I will focus on developing long-term partnerships with industry suppliers to ensure both suppliers and MPAL members can achieve their mutual goals. We have a number of challenges ahead. However, if we all work together, I am confident that we can quickly create a more successful painting and decorating industry in Australia—an industry which promotes and enhances the success of everyone involved, including MPAL members, suppliers, business owners, qualified painters and decorators, and apprentices. I look forward to building positive, longterm relationships with all members of MPAL, and working collaboratively with stakeholders and members to promote Australia’s painting and decorating industry. Please feel free to contact me via or 0418 568 093 should you have any feedback. Regards Nick Koerbin FSAE Help contribute to our magazine The MasterPainter A U S T R A L I A The National Magazine for Master Painters Australia Limited Our magazines will effectively reach high caliber painting industry professionals, from business owners and operators right through to apprentices. We look for ݅ɐ