The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 58

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 058 Nutech Paint was founded in 1972 and for nearly 40 years has manufactured high quality roof, concrete, texture and NXT Cool Zone™ house paint, earning the Company a unique position in the Revolutionary heat reflective low VOC, Australian and overseas protective market. high gloss acrylic coatings roof coating with Nutech currently exports Worldwide including the UK, NZ, Europe, Asia and China. Nutech Paint For a perfect finish! Using creative chemistry, premium Thermal Protection Technology to Nutech relocated to its current Head Office in Keppler raw materials and state of the art manufacturing, Nutech’s Tileflex reduce the heat of your roof. Available Circuit Seaford in 1991 and currently owns and occupies 9 production facilities remain focused on leading edge coating in a range of colours including dark Tileflex impregnated with self cleaning nanotechnology manufacturing/warehouse andcolours administration factories. technologies to meet the evermore changing challenges our and earthy with self cleaning providing significantly gloss on application in and Nutech square metre tradewater and safe. wholesale 10 market and the environment. quality nanotechnology. Drinking maintains the new roofHigh look for muchproducts, longer. extensive 12 operates a 1000 Availablefirst Sizes: 20 Lt depot in Rydalmere Sydney, established in 1994 and a practical and technical expertise, Available Sizes: 20 Lt service and flexibility 500 sq.m. Retail/trade paint outlet in Thomastown in 1999. combine to provide Nutech customers with the highest In 1998 licensed distributors were established in Queensland possible return for their investment. and Western Australia. Nuflex Master Sealer GP Primer Nutech has developed substantial technology in the Y R A R WA R YEAR YEAR EA Y TY AN TEN LV YEAR YEAR YE NT MA MA S R’ TWE E FACTURE NU S R’ FACTURE NU R WA R R A primer specifically General high solids Technologically advanced 100% Nutech purchased the Waterford Queensland business High fromquality roof manufacture and application ofpurpose a wide primer rangewith of architectural, designed for stable cement tiles. contentand designed as a filler coat on very acrylic gloss roof and masonry the distributor in 2007. industrial androof specialty paints coatings. surface coating. Colour fade resistant and non-yellowing QLD (Brisbane): VIC (Melbourne): NuTech Slacks Creekto maximum durability NuTechand Thomastown performance under the most 3325 Pacific Hwy 216 Settlement Rd adverse weather conditions. Slacks 3074 8 Creek QLD 4127 Drinking waterThomastown safe. PH: (07) 3808 4222 Available Sizes: Ph:20 (03) Lt 9465 5111 MA Melbourne Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer PaveCoat Colours PaveCoat Clear PaveCoat Cure & Seal Available in Matt, Semi or High Gloss and is recommended for all concrete surfaces to enliven them with a colour of your choice. Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Available Sizes: 20, 10, 4, & 1 Lt Available in Matt, Semi or High Gloss and recommended for a wide variety of decorative and protective concrete finishes providing a highly durable surface. Available Sizes: 20, 10, 4, 2, & 1 Lt Ideal for sealing new green concrete on the day that it is poured. Sealer penetration is greatly improved ensuring better adhesion and a more durable surface. Available Sizes: 20, 10