The Master Painter Australia - April 2016 Vol. 1 - Page 56

THE MASTER PAINTER AUSTRALIA 056 For the LOVE of colour Colour, colour, colour… HELP! Choosing the right colour for a job can be enough to turn anyone green! As a friend once so perfectly stated, “When it comes to colour, the only colour you will see from me, is my red tail lights as I leave the building!” Like a great horse needs the right jockey, and a blank canvas needs a creative artist, a painter can benefit greatly from creating an alliance with a colour consultant. It creates the perfect end result and eliminates the stress and anxiety of colour choice. Colour is not purely intellectual, scientific or artistic, and it does not always follow the rules! There are possibly just as many different colour theories and systems in the world as there are actual colours in the spectrum. When it comes to choosing the right colours, a colour consultant can take the resistance and fear out of the project, giving great advice and listening to what is required to create a seamless end result. A great colour consultant can rid you of doubts just like these! Like all great things, the decision process takes time, and benefits greatly from a vast knowledge and love of colour. A colour consultant knows the right questions to ask and the delivery needed to create that blue ribbon result; so let them work with your clients, trying different combinations to create the perfect colour, leaving you to get on with your business. A colour consultant’s fee is a small price to pay to ensure your client is left delighted with the end result. We are able to create repeat business for you by giving your client the confidence in their choices, making them more than happy to spread the word. What I often hear is, “I thought I knew what I wanted but when I started I realised how confused I was.” “I have no idea, there are so many colours and I wouldn’t know where to start.” “I really like lighter colours, but I am not sure if this will work. My friends have told me the right colour would be something completely different to what I had imagined” Basically… HELP! Author: Nadine Donazzan DNA Design Awards For Excellence Winner 2014 Commercial Colour Design